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MINASTAKE.COM is a Mina Blockchain Validator. Our nodes are equipped with 12 core processors (24 threads) and 32-64 GB of RAM. We guarantee the uptime of 99.9% for the ones!

Do you have a Mina tokens?

Delegate your Mina Tokens to our Staking Pool! 95% Rewards will be Yours, we charge 5% commission fees only!

Have any questions?

Please contact to node operator on discord at vadim888#0018


How can I delegate my stake to MINASTAKE?
If you want to delegate your stake to the MINASTAKE pool, you must use our public key:

For installed standalone node

First make sure you've unlocked your account:

                                mina account unlock -public-key YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY
And then run this command to delegate your stake:

                                mina client delegate-stake \
                                    -receiver POOL_PUBLIC_KEY \
                                    -sender YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY \
                                    -fee 0.1

For Clor.io wallet

Description will come later

For Auro wallet

Description will come later

How much is the commission fee?
We apply a fee of 5%
How are rewards distributed?
Delegators will receive a pro-data portion minus the commission fees.
How often do you distribute rewards?
At the end of each epoch (approximately every 15 days).
Do you have access to my funds?
No. We don't have access to your funds when you delegating tokens to us.
Can I un-delegate my stake?
Yes. You can un-delegate it at any time. Please take into account that You have to wait 1-2 epochs before the changes are reflected.
How can I contact to node operator?
Please contact us on discord at vadim888#0018